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blockchain  evolution


Tor Xchange animated Bull

Chart will be live upon Launch

Tor Xchange animated Bull

Our Mission


Eulixer has teamed up with TorXchange to start something revolutionary to cryptocurrency. As Cryptocurrency is becoming more mainstream, adapting our business model to the benefits of decentralized blockchain technology seems almost imperative. As compared to fiat currency, there is always a variable of exchange rates, inflation, and fees set by financial institutions that will/has an effect on the bottom line. Being able to buy and sell our products with our own native token opens up a realm of possibilities and opportunities. As we await the completion of TorX Blockchain, We will temporarily be using the Ethereum network to host our smart contract.

Tokenomics Of Eulixerium


100 Million Tokens Minted

This is set for stability, and makes Eulixerium neither inflationary nor deflationary. Tokens can be earned free, but will never effect the circulating supply.


  • 0%   Buy Tax

  • 10%   Sell Tax

100% of the taxes are redistributed to current holders as an incentive and prevents market manipulation. The more you hold, the larger your percentage will be from the volume distributed.


Initial liquidity is provided from TorXchange. Continued liquidity will be automatically added as products are purchased off Eulixer marketplace. This varies from 10% - 30% based on cost factors. (Shipping, Affiliate Pay, Etc.)


  • 0%   P2P Tax

  • 0%   Store Tax


0% fees for purchasing products or transferring tokens as a currency​. After all, this is what Eulixerium is all about. The only tax is buying and selling Eulixerium token from an exchange.

How To Buy Eulixerium

Download MetaMask

meta mask transparent.png

Metamask is the #1 wallet used in the world, where you can connect to any blockchain and store your crypto.

Buy Ethereum 

ethereum coin.png

Buy Ethereum, the native coin for our blockchain, from a provider on Metamask by clicking the buy button. (Most use MoonPay)

Swap Ethereum for Eulixerium

Click the buy button above and swap.

swap eulixerium.png


Be sure to copy and paste Eulixerium token address to your wallet by clicking Import Token.

The explanations and information provided herein are only general explanations, information and examples. You should not rely on this article as legal advice or as recommendations regarding what you should or should not do. We recommend that you do your due diligence and research before purchasing any cryptocurrency. If you are purchasing Tokens, you understand that you are not purchasing tokens for investing purposes, but for future purchases of our products and services. 

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