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Eulixer Distributor Program

Welcome to Eulixer Distributor Program and Thank You for your interest in becoming a partner. We are truly excited to have you with us to experience the opportunities and success clients and distributors alike share. Nothing compares to the satisfaction of helping others reduce, eliminate, or manage their pain. Whether you want to work full time or part time as a Eulixer Distributor, your life will never be the same. If you are passionate about helping others and have an entrepreneurial drive, this is the perfect opportunity for you. 

How To Become A Distributor


Become A Member


Complete Distributor 




(An Email will be sent with contact and credentials)

Benefits Of A Distributor


Exclusive Distributor Pricing


Access to all marketing materials


Access To All Affiliate Marketing Materials

Discounted Pricing On All Printed Marketing Materials (Signs, Banners, Displays, Ect)

100% Support and Training From Our Sales Team

No Waiting A Week For PayDay! Earnings You Make, You Keep

Repeat Customer



Live Updates From Other Distributors

Ability To Travel Anywhere And Generate An Income!

Distributor Pay Averages

Set up a booth at a Trade Show, Flea market, Car Show, Home Parties, Rv Parks, Fundraisers, Festivals, Rodeos, or to sell to friends, Family, and neighbors. The sky is the limit with this opportunity.

This section of the page is based on Daily averages. We want our presentation to be as clear as possible for what to expect from average daily earnings of current distributors. There are so many factors in place when setting up a booth or stand at a Trade Show or Flea Market. (Weather, Experience, Location, Event turnout, Etc.) 

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Full Time Average Yearly Income: 52,000-120,000 USD 

Part Time Average Yearly Income: 26,000-52,000 USD 

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